10 Audition Tips for Success

audition tipsGot an important audition coming up? Check out these 10 quick audition tips to help you land your next job!

Give Them a Reason

1. Before you enter the audition room, they want you to do well, they want to give you the job. Give them a reason to give you the job.

Practice Runs

2. If you can, prepare what you are going to play in advance and run a few mock auditions with friends. This will help you be more settled when the spotlight is on you.

Adapt to the Space

3. If possible, find out what sort of room the audition will be held in. If it’s a large echoing hall or a small studio you can get an idea of the space and also prepare yourself and your equipment accordingly.

Look the Part

4. Wear clothes that fit the audition you are going for and make sure you feel comfortable playing in them. Even if it’s a cowboy hat and a fetching pair of leather boots!

Warm Up

5. Make sure you have a great warm-up routine so that you are ready to go for your audition. This will also help if you happen to be performing in a cold room in the middle of January!

The Early Bird

6. Arrive to your audition early. This way you won’t be rushed and gives you plenty of time to prepare everything for your audition.

Don’t Go Hungry

7. Make sure you eat well beforehand and be prepared in case you are waiting longer than you anticipated. It’s a good idea to pack some water and a few snacks in case you need them.

It Takes Two

8. They may be auditioning you but don’t forget to ‘audition’ them! Find out who they are, what they might be like to work with so you can get a sense of their personality and ability.

Make it Count

9. There are tons of other musicians who would take your audition spot in a heartbeat. Take stock that you are the one they are auditioning and make it count.

If You Fail

10. There are many reasons why you may not get the job. This goes on all the time and happens to the best of us. Just regroup and move on to the next one!


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