Blackstar HT Club 50 MKII Review + Demo

Blackstar HT Club 50 MKII Review – The Lick Loft

Over at the Lick Loft we took a look at the feature packed Blackstar HT Club 50 MKII. In this review we ran through some of the key features on this amp which includes two clean voices, classic crunch channel and ‘super saturated lead’ channel. Both clean and overdrive channels have their own EQ dials along with a handy power switch which means you can run at either 50w mode or just 5w.

There is also an neat addition on the Blackstar amps known as an ISF dial which is active on the overdrive channel. This cool feature means you can dial in a classic British amp tone, a US amp tone or blend between the two.

Around the back the amp boasts an effects loop, two types of reverb, cabinet simulated DI out, 8/16 ohm speaker outs, USB Audio and 2 or 5-way foot-switch options. Retailing around just under £600 it’s a great price for an amp with this many features as well as sounding this good!

Watch the video below to check out the features and hear how it sounds.

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