Guitar Tapping Licks You Can Learn Right Now [in A minor]

Even though some people might think tapping should be left in the 80’s (along with spandex). It certainly isn’t a technique you should right off entirely. With tapping sounding more complicated than it is to play it serves us guitar players as a cool way to sound great with relative ease.

With the video lesson below we show you five great sounding guitar tapping licks in the key of A minor. The idea is to learn these licks and then take parts of them or all of them and work them into your solos. We found it was much more effective to be able to jump into one of these licks as part of a solo rather than using them on their own.

As always remember to start slow and get your fingers used to the lick before speeding up, much better to play right slow than wrong fast! Hope you enjoy the lesson 🙂

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