6 Tips to Getting More Exposure

#1 Make a Video

Massive advances in technology and the boom in online video has enabled loads of people (and weirdos) to get themselves more exposure on the web. You don’t even have to have pro gear to do it – just get yourself a cheap DSLR that records video or just do it on your smart phone. It could be a music video, lesson or just you chatting into a camera. With Youtube becoming the largest place online where video is consumed it offers up a chance to get your video to the masses.

#2 Get a Passive Income

Most of us have a backlog of unfinished ideas or old songs that didn’t make the album cut. So instead of them sitting pointlessly on your hard drive take a look online for music licensing opportunities and see if your music fits the brief. You can find opportunities for film, TV, adverts & online that cover nearly every genre of music.  The bonus bit is you can make anywhere from a few quid for a placement to a few thousand for top placements – plus you get the added royalties when it gets broadcast. So once it’s out there you can leave it to generate the cash on it’s own. Nice.

#3 Sometimes it Takes Two…

There is only so much you can do yourself and with the amount work it takes for the DIY musician to manage their career means it can take it’s toll when you are trying to be creative. The best way is to find someone who you can write with which will help you generate fresh ideas and inspiration. The other benefit is the that you can cross promote and gain more exposure via your co-writer, especially if they have some contacts you don’t.

#4 Endorse Me!

True, music is about expressing an emotion, capturing a feeling and connecting with your listeners. However as most people know that’s just not enough these days. You have to market the s**t out of yourself so that your material can poke it’s head out of the vast music ocean and catch a breath. One way is to partner up with a brand. It could be a anything from music gear company to a drinks company, ideally you will have the same target audience as the brand your are looking to work with. The bottom lime is that you will need to show that you have a significant amount of influence over enough people to be able to get any commercial interest.

#5 Spread the Word

PR is about getting your message out and gaining new fans. Get creative and cook up a story or two that will gain some interest from magazines, radio or online. Make sure it fits in with what you are as a band or artist. Try sending out press releases to publications, websites to gain more exposure which you can use later as marketing material.

#6 Say Hello!

This is one of the basics. If you aren’t networking then you are not expanding your world.  You need to figure out which sort of people you need to know and find out how to reach them.  It may be an old friend you haven’t spoken to or a random encounter. The key thing here is to meet people and increase your contacts. This is easier said than done for some but is an essential part of being successful.

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