7 Essential Online Tools for Musicians

It is amazing how many working musicians do not have some or even any of the following online tools. Most online tools are free and some that cost (although not that expensive). The best bit is that they are very easy to use and will help you in promoting yourself as a musician. Here are 7 online tools for musicians that are a must for any working musicians out there.

1) Your Own Website

A website is your hub, your HQ.  It is the one thing that is the most stable online. Other platforms and services can change which means you have to change with them or risk losing out. Your site should link to all your other online platforms and feature a well written blog which will help your SEO.

It can be designed how you want and should reflect your style and branding. There are plenty of options to DIY your site or you can pay a designer to get it done for you. Either way it is the place where everything should be easily available such as tour dates, bio, blog, email signups, music, video & pictures.

2) Facebook Page

Connecting on Facebook is still key in 2017 even though organic reach has declined. A sure way to maintain interest is by posting valuable content. Is your post interesting? Informative? Funny? Whatever it is it needs to provide some value to the reader.  It is easy to post un-newsworthy updates which lose followers so make sure it is relevant.

Feature your best content first. Is it a song or album? A video? There are plenty of great widgets and options that you can use with your page that makes it easy to include all of your featured content.

3) Twitter

Sending out regular updates via twitter is one of the quickest and direct ways to reach your audience. With hashtags and only a 140 character limit it forces you to get straight to the point with your message. As well as updates and images you can post live real time video of whatever you are doing to give viewers a glimpse into your day.

4) Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming the go-to social app for sharing content. It’s simple, visual format allows you to post pictures, videos and updates to engage your audience. Like Twitter it’s easiest to use as a mobile app on your smartphone. It makes it the ideal platform to capture your moments out and about and provide real time updates.

5) YouTube

Spend the time making a great video.  It can be a showcase of your styles, performance and personality. It’s a great way for people to get a preview of what you can do in just a few minutes. It acts as an ideal intro for your website and you can share it on your social media channels.

Try and get creative. Perhaps covering a popular song in a different way or trying something off the wall. If you can make it amazing there is a good chance it will get noticed and shared.

6) Email List

As part of your website you need to have an email signup list. Services such as Mailchimp or Aweber are a great place to start. You can place a widget on your site and start collecting email addresses. This can allow you to send out well crafted email alerts to your audience e.g new releases, gigs and services. Try sending out a monthly newsletter or just when you have newsworthy content. It’s important to keep your content relevant and interesting and don’t spam or you will lose subscribers!

7) Digital Releases

The majority of music consumption has shifted online so make sure your releases are available to stream or download. There are some great services that will place your music on all major online stores and streaming sites for an annual fee. Once online you can also send out links to publishers and music supervisors for licencing in Film and TV.

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